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Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center (VERC)

Our Referral Process

Maintaining strong relationships with our referring community is a priority for us. Always feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.

We accept patients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Emergency and Specialty Transfers

Referrals for emergencies or specialty cases are not required; however, we always prefer and recommend that clients first consult with their family veterinarian in order to receive initial guidance.

When you feel one of your patients may benefit from a visit to our specialty team, please fill out and submit our referral form. Please include all pertinent medical history, radiographs and blood work. For stable patients, the client should call to schedule an appointment.


For emergency transfers, please call to notify us of the patient’s condition and estimated arrival time. This is not required but will help us prepare for the patient and meet its specific needs as quickly as possible upon arrival. We also welcome you to contact our specialists via phone prior to any referral to discuss the case. Telephone consultations will be provided to veterinarians free of charge.

We see ourselves as an extension of the family veterinarian and strive to keep the referring veterinarian informed through timely updates. Once the patient is under our care, we will confer with you regularly until the patient is recovered and can be transferred back to your care. At that time, we will transfer updated medical records and radiographs.

Overnight Care

Our specialty and emergency teams work very closely to ensure seamless patient care. If your patient requires overnight care after a specialty procedure, we automatically transfer that patient to our emergency team. At times, our emergency veterinarian may recommend transfer to a specialist for further care and evaluation after being seen by the emergency service. In these cases, a member of our team will discuss the transfer and additional care, and alternative options for the patient.

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