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Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center (VERC)

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Pet Insurance

We know first-hand how heartbreaking it can be for pet parents who are unable to afford the emergency or specialty treatment their pet needs.

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That is why we believe passionately in pet insurance. For a small monthly premium, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you will always be able to afford the best medical care for your pet.

Are you considering pet insurance to help defray the costs of caring for your pet? If so, please consider the following site:  Pet Insurance Reviews – a helpful resource for researching the best insurance solution for your family’s needs.

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All pet insurance companies are not the same and coverage varies. The best advice we can give is that no matter what you end up choosing, read the legal documents. They go into significantly more detail than the website. Insurance companies are not hiding anything from you, the legal documents are available on their websites. It’s just up to you to decide how deep you want to go.

Most companies let you decide the yearly deductible and percentage of return. This allows you to select a monthly premium fee that is within your budget. Be sure and read the deductible information as some companies have a “per incident deductible”, while others have an “annual deductible”.