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Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center (VERC)

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Dog at a Clinic


While some cardiac conditions may be serious, many heart diseases are manageable on an outpatient basis, and allow for a good quality of life.

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A grey cat receiving an ultrasound

Diagnostic Imaging

VERC uses the latest technology in medical imaging, providing timely and high-quality images needed for the most informed and effective treatment of your pet.

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Emergency & Critical Care

Our Emergency and Critical Care team is on site 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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An orange cat being held closely in the arms of a person wearing a grey knitted sweater

Internal Medicine

Our expertise in diagnosis and treatment of chronic and complex health conditions, combined with compassion and understanding, ensures your pet has access to the best care possible.

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Doctor holding a cat in one hand and lifting an X-ray result on the other

Interventional Radiology

Board certified specialists from multiple disciplines make up the core of the VERC interventional radiology service. Taking advantage of the skill sets of multiple specialties and advanced equipment ensures optimal care for your pet.

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Our pets can experience many of the same neurological problems as humans. Our neurologists will work with you and with your family veterinarian to provide the specialized care your pet needs.

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Dog and Cat Laying


Our skilled and compassionate oncologists are committed to providing the best care for your pet while also offering support and guidance to you and your family.

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Shiba Inu wearing a cone and standing in turf


Our skilled surgical teams, including board-certified surgeons and highly trained veterinary technicians, make VERC a great choice for your pet’s veterinary surgery.

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